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Harmonizing Remote Sensing and Citizen Science Vegetation Phenology Observations

What is PhenoTandem?

PhenoTandem harmonizes new phenology products derived from high resolution optical satellite (Sentinel-2) with the traditional phenological in-situ observations done by volunteers. Since current in-situ observation cannot always be perceived from space, the innovation consists in co-designing with citizen scientists a new protocol that will make in-situ observations interoperate with remote sensing products. This will burst the spatial distribution of remote sensing phenology products sensible to the effects of the climate change in nature while increasing data quality through in-situ validations. This project is part of ( Citizen Science observatory.

This video shows a short report about the PhenoTandem project broadcasted on the program Telenotícies Comarques de TV3 on 02/12/2020.

The report describes the objective of the project to complement the phenological observation made by remote sensing and the importance of volunteers, as well as how to collaborate. It also includes comments from Joan Pino, director of CREAF, and from one of the PhenoTandem volunteers.

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This project is funded by ESA.