RitmeNatura's phenological observations are collected in iNaturalist, a citizen science platform to record biodiversity data. Although it allows the collection, validation and access to the phenological observations of RitmeNatura shared by the citizens, we recommend entering data through the RitmeNatura form, specially designed for collecting phenological observations.

To group the observations, the project RitmeNatura in iNaturalist has been created. In this platform, projects are collections of observations with a common purpose - in our case, to collect phenological observations - made by numerous people.

All observations count! Collect phenological information in a timely manner: record the changes that you see around you in your day to day.

But bear in mind that, with a long series of observations of various years, on the same species or individual, conclusive and robust results can be obtained on how the rhythm of nature changes. In this way, the best option to collect phenological information is by choosing a species, individual or zone to observe and record and photograph its changes throughout the year. Become a dedicated pheno-watcher!

To continuously monitor the same individual or area throughout the year, simply fill in the field Individual or zone code that you will find in the form, with a code created by you, that identifies the repeated observations you make to the same individual or observation area.

Here you have a video tutorial with all the steps:

How to add observations to iNaturalist

Create a user in iNaturalist.

Join the RitmeNatura project: You will find the option to join at the upper right corner of each project.

Click on the "Add observations" button and fill in the required fields: species name (if you know it), photograph, date and time, place and, above all, the phenophase you see.

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iNaturalist is a citizen science digital platform based on the concept of sharing biodiversity observations around the world. Observations recorded with iNaturalist provide quality data for scientists, conservation agencies, or other organizations working to better understand and protect nature. iNaturalist is a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.

NOTE: Observations made with the previous Natusfera platform are merged with those now collected with iNaturalist on a single observation map and on a single RitmeNatura dataset. During 2020, those responsible for Natusfera will migrate all observations to iNaturalist (including those that were associated with RitmeNatura).