Phenology wheel


If you want to become a recurrent observer and at the same time amuse you by observing Nature, we suggest you use the Phenological Wheels. The wheels will help you keep track of the tracking and get a picture of your observations that will allow you to appreciate the changes in the rhythm of Nature in your environment in a very visual way. Wheels are suitable for individual observers, families, classes, training programs and workshops for people of all ages. You can start a phenological wheel at any time of the year. Below you will find prepared wheels to start this fall and the next, to start the months of January, and also a generic wheel to customize it for your own purpose.

The wheels include 3 concentric circles. To use them, you have to choose an specimen or area where you will make observations (your garden, the school yard, a specific landscape) and represent it with a map, drawing or image in the center of the wheel (the smallest circle). In the outside circle, you will have the units of time (months or seasons of the year, hours of the day or lunar phases) in a similar way to the numbers in a clock. As you make your observations, write down the changes in the plants and animals of your environment in the middle circle using words, phrases, drawings, images or combinations that you want. By the end of the year, you will have a complete and visual watch of the changes that your surroundings have experienced following the rhythm of Nature.

We hope you enjoy creating your phenological wheel! And remember to always include your comments on!