Sentinel-2 Data Cube

The amount of data that Sentinel fleet is generating over a territory such as Catalonia makes it virtually impossible to manually download and organize as files. The Earth Observations Data Cubes (EODC) is an emerging paradigm transforming how users interact with large spatio-temporal Earth Observations (EO) data. They provide a better organization of data by indexing it, faster processing speeds by ingesting scenes as well as improved query languages to easily retrieve a convenient subset of data. The Open Data Cube (ODC) is an implementation of the EODC concept that takes advantage of the existence of Analysis Ready Data to promote and generalize the creation of national data cubes. Therefore, the Open Data Cube (ODC) offers a solution for storing big data products in an efficient way with a modest hardware and avoiding cloud expenses. Furthermore, an easy and interoperable visualization tool, a WMS map browser, has been added to the DataCube.